About our curriculum sets

Our articles and short stories are created for use in the educational setting, using Washington State History Standards as our guide.

We offer a selection of materials in PDF format to share with students. Each curriculum set may include different elements, such as photos or a glossary. All include a timeline, study questions, and a list of reading for further exploration. Hover over each item for the link to download or purchase.

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Great Seattle Fire (free)  

Explore the Seattle Underground and learn the history of the Great Seattle Fire.                                                               

Article           Timeline 

Seattle Playgrounds (free)

Learn the history of playgrounds in the city of Seattle, and what city leaders thought it was important for residents to have places to gather with their families.

    Article           Timeline                         

George Washington Bush and African Americans in the Pacific NW (free)

This set includes both a nonfiction article and a short story. Study read about George Washington Bush and then follow the adventures of some time traveling kids.

Article          Timeline          Fiction         Glossary

Pacific Northwest Baseball (free)

If you're a baseball fan, you'll want to read this article about the interesting and diverse history of the sport in the Pacific Northwest. Includes a rich collection of photographs.

Article          Timeline


Rise and Shine ($4.00)

Follow the story of Hope and Faith as they attend school while helping their parents run a large farm in Washington State in the 1930s.

Rise and Shine (purchase)     Study questions (free)    Timeline (free)        


The Confluence Project: Maya Lin's Art Landscapes ($4.00)

Author Mark Holtzen shares his family’s own journey of discovery as they explore installations of The Confluence Project along part of the Lewis and Clark Trail. Follow their trek through Washington and Oregon to explore the current sites of artist Maya Lin’s interactive public art installations. Lin worked with local tribes to design these works celebrating the history, communities, and ecology of The Columbia River system.     

Confluence (purchase)         Accompanying curriculum materials coming soon