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The history of the Pacific Northwest is rich and diverse. While there are works available for middle and high school students, fewer authors write regional history for younger grades.


Valerie Stein began work on a concept in 2013 exploring some lesser-known pieces of history with the plan to tell those stories through the eyes of the children of each time period covered. Her own experience as a school librarian and her conversations with teachers highlighted the need for more history written for younger students. Valerie's dream, when she started her own research and writing, was to publish a series of works which teachers could use in a variety of ways in the classroom, in the form of books, nonfiction articles,short stories, and other resources. Mackey, one of Valerie's graduates, expresses his own needs as a student:

"I wish a tool like Gather Here had existed during my history education in elementary and middle school. Though we did have some research direction in class, most of my "take-aways" from history lessons were corroborated from a variety of difficult-to-locate sources. If there had existed a unified resource, or "treasure trove" of links, historical fiction and other relevant information, it would have been much easier to carry out research."  - Mackey G., Edmonds, Washington

At 2015's annual Librarian panel at the Western Washington Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators meeting, the discussion centered around the holes in writing on state history, and the librarians’ difficulty in helping their younger patrons find relevant, engaging materials for their research needs.

This discussion connected Valerie with other SCBWI authors. A common goal was realized: we’ve created a publishing platform for works covering topics of Pacific Northwest history serving the needs of middle grade students and their teachers.

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