A History Mystery

Last week I was doing some business at the boat yard in Everett, Washington. While I was there, I saw this great old boat and I became curious about it.

I took enough pictures to identify it, I thought, but when I got home and started looking for more information, I couldn’t find anything!

There is one thing I discovered that makes my search difficult. What do you think that was? Do you recognize something familiar about this name? It’s quite common in another part of our State.

Where else do you think I need to look besides doing a plain old Internet search? Here are some thoughts I had, besides just asking the boatyard if they have any information about it. 

Here is a listing of museums I might ask to help me in my search. It might help you to know that I chose to search for “maritime museums” because the meaning of maritime is “of or relating to the sea.” Did you know Washington State had so many maritime museums? We’ll explore those further sometime.

I could also look around on the webpage at the Center for Wooden Boats, or the Northwest Maritime Center. They both specialize in wooden boats.

I'll get back to you if I find out anything more about this interesting-looking boat! 

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