History Mystery Update!

In our History Mystery postI shared photos and thoughts about a boat I saw in our local boatyard, then posed questions about where our readers might look for answers about the boat's history online, as an exercise in research.

My own next step was to head to the local marina office which manages the yard where the boat was stored to look for answers. Before I got a chance, an article appeared in the Port of Everett’s marina newsletter, and our mystery was solved.

The Pt. Defiance is a 60 foot wooden-hulled purse seiner, built 100 years ago. It sank here at the Port of Everett in October, 2014. Following the story further, I found connection to our very first blog post, History in Your Neighborhood, highlighting the Everett waterfront's history.

Visit the Historic Everett waterfront site for more information about the vibrant lumber, commercial fishing, and boatbuilding history of Everett, Washington, including the history of the Pt. Defiance and her captains, Vince and Butch Barcott.

You can also find an overview and timeline of each of these industries on the site.
Check it out!