historical nonfiction

Gather Here Seeks Submissions

Gather Here: History for Young People seeks submission of pitches for articles and short stories. Our collection serves educators teaching Pacific Northwest regional history to students ages 8-12.

Current needs are for articles covering County history, lesser-known events in the Pacific Northwest, and work by those whose perspectives challenge widely held assumptions about the significance of historical events in our area.

Each pitch should include:

Historical time period, event, group, or person covered, and reasons for your interest in the topic.

Expected length of your piece.

Prior work in the area of regional history, if applicable.

Works of nonfiction can range from 500 to 1000 words. Photos with documented permissions are always welcome.

Works of fiction no longer than 2000 words are most appropriate, but we are open to a variety of formats and styles.

Payment depending upon length and format. Address inquiries to Valerie Stein at books@homeostasispress.com.

Before submitting, please visit our page, look at our content, and see if our project is a fit for you.