We love to work with teachers to help put history into context for their students. As we find more opportunities to work directly with students in these ways, we are excited to share some of the work that comes out of these experiences.

The collaborative novel can be a powerful teaching tool. See our blog post about this project. 

Soundview School's Collaborative Historical Novels

While some of the writing featured here is by students beyond the middle grades, the work we were able to do together was very worthwhile and certainly adaptable for younger students. We wanted to share the teaching model with you.

For the past few years, Matt's students have studied the Everett Massacre and written collaborative novels inspired by the events surrounding that bloody time in our State's history. Matt was inspired to teach a collaborative novel by a workshop with Joel Vilinski, who provided attendees with all the tools necessary for teaching this project. While it's a large undertaking, the learning students demonstrated after digging into historical events in order to tell the story of the time was remarkable. Hover over the title in bold to access the link to the novel.

** Note: If you need to access any of our files in a different format for student accommodation, please feel free to reach out through our Contact page.

Class of 2017 Novel: Cops and Wobblies

This collaborative story is about Everett, Washington's Wobblies massacre of 1916.

Class of 2016 Novel: Bloody Sunday

This novella- length work is also set during the time of the Wobblies massacre.

Class of 2021 oral history play: Marvin and Jennie Hoover, This is Your Life

Written collaboratively as part of an oral history unit, this full-length play also includes songs composed by the students as well as stage and prop directions. This script is shared as it was used by the class to mount a production of the play as their summative assessment of the Unit.